what we do

compete in martial arts tournaments

Participation in martial arts tournaments can equip your child with the tools to tackle situations with MOTIVATION, a POSITIVE OUTLOOK, and an I-CAN ATTITUDE!

Additional noticeable outcomes in children include: learning to fellowship with others, learning to win and lose without anger, a high degree of sportsmanship, becoming more knowledgeable of other Martial Arts styles, and the opportunity to meet many Masters and legends in the Martial Arts community.

The Little Union Martial Arts team competes across various parts of the United States including: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.


In 2003, Little Union Academy of Martial Arts began the March Madness Open Karate Championship in Kinston, NC. It has become an annual tournament that features dynamic displays of children and adults showcasing their mastery of karate skills!

Martial Artist from all styles are welcome to come to Kinston, North Carolina (the fourth Saturday in March) to compete against some of the best from many states including: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and more! This annual event is a special treat for spectators as well.

perform dynamic demonstrations

Performing demonstrations and exhibitions is yet another way your child(ren) can strengthen their skills. Delivering a show stopping, highly energetic martial arts performance builds their self-esteem and enhances their ability to stand confidently in front of an audience.

enjoy enriching activities

Little Union also has many activities throughout the year that are fun and family focused in a positive environment.

summary - It's not just kicking and punching!

Little Union is not just about kicking and punching, it’s a well rounded program that educates students on martial arts skills, character development, life skills, and includes fun activities!